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About us

Scope and policy of the journal

Jökull publishes research papers, notes and review articles concerning all aspects of the Earth Sciences. The journal is primarily aimed at being an international forum for geoscience research in Iceland. Specific areas of coverage include glaciology, glacial geology, physical geography, general geology, petrology, volcanology, geothermal research, geophysics, meteorology, hydrology and oceanography. Jökull also publishes research notes and reports from glacier expeditions, book reviews, and material of interest to the members of the Icelandic Glaciological and Geological Societies.

Submission of manuscripts

Papers submitted to Jökull should report original and unpublished work which is not being considered for publication elsewhere. An electronic copy of each paper should be emailed to one of the editors. Text should be linenumbered with double line spacing, single column and full page width. Accepted languages are Icelandic and English. Reviewed articles must include an abstract and figure text in both languages. If needed, the editors reserve the right to translate the abstract and figure captions. Each paper is reviewed by at least two independent referees. Upon acceptance, we request a copy of the final manuscript electronically. Short to moderate length papers are encouraged. Papers will typically be limited to 20 pages in Jökull format.

Manuscript format

Titles should be brief and informative. An abbreviated title suitable for page headings is also required. The abstract should be a single paragraph that states the nature of the investigation and summarises the conclusions drawn. The abstract should not exceed 300 words. References should not be cited in an abstract and abbreviations should be avoided. Words to be printed in italics should be underlined. Instructions to the editor should be on a separate sheet. Double-space the printed text to allow room for reviewers to make annotations. Sections and subsections should be clearly headed. Tables should be as simple as possible and large tables should be avoided. Each table should have a brief title. Submit revised text in MS Word or LaTex format and graphics in vector (eps) or raster (pdf, tif, jpg) format. All raster graphics must have a resolution between 300 and 600 ppi. The final figure scale should be adjusted to single (75 mm) or double column (155 mm) widths. Consider reduction when deciding the size of numbers, letters, symbols and line thickness. Obtain copyright permissions where needed.
Formulae and algebraic symbols should be indicated clearly and equations numbered sequentially. Give the meaning of all symbols. Algebraic symbols for physical quantities should follow the recommendations of the Commission for Symbols, Units and Nomenclature of the International Union of Pure and Applied Physics. The International System of Units, denoted SI, should be used throughout for numerical data. References should be listed in alphabetical order at the end of the paper. Abbreviate the titles of periodicals mentioned in the list of references according to the International Serials Catalogue published by the International Council of Scientific Unions Abstracting Board (ISBN 92-9027-004-7).


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Jökull has a page charge for colour illustrations. Authors receive 50 reprints free of charge. Additional reprints may be ordered upon submission of a revised manuscript.